Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Just a quick update on Pops-

He has not had surgery yet. He still has a cold, and his surgeon is a busy guy. It sounds like the earliest it could happen is this Friday. He is really anxious to get it over with, so that he can get on the road to recovery and start feeling better.

In the meantime, he's been hangin' out with my nephew, as you can see here.

Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.


P.S. Yes, that is a Pink Floyd t-shirt. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

oh. well, pardon ME, sir!


Dad will NOT be on bedrest. He said that he is not supposed to go up or down any steps tomorrow, but after that, he is free to do whatever he pleases. Oh, no. No BEDREST for HIM!

So I guess that means he'll continue his marathon training on Friday. ;)

let's slow it down a little.

My Dad had a stress test a couple of weeks ago, where they determined that they needed to do a Heart Cath. It was scheduled for this morning.

They did that, and thought that he had a blockage and a valve problem. They did a sonogram this afternoon, and confirmed that he does have both.

He called and told me the news by saying, "well, we're gonna have pig parts in the family!" (He is going to have a pig valve installed. And they'll do a by-pass.)

He has a terrible cold right now, so they are unable to operate just yet. It will probably be scheduled for the end of the month. Until then, I imagine he will be on bed rest or something close to it. (Not that he's Active Man or anything, so it won't be a *huge* change!) I asked him if he's scared, and he said he's not at all. He feels great about it, and is looking forward to feeling much better and stronger than he has felt in a while. The surgery will be done at Emory. He said, "Kim, I have the BEST doctors. They're CHINESE!!!" I never knew this before, but I think my Dad must think that Chinese doctors are the very best variety. Who knew?!

If anyone out there could keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers, I'd really appreciate it. He's crazy as a loon, and a total mess, but I absolutely adore him and want him to live as close to forever as possible. Thanks. :)